Original Crown Stoppers: The photos above are examples of the sizes of the stoppers - small, medium and large. They also show examples of the differences in size, shape and condition of the original corks.

Crown top perfume bottles were manufactured primarily between 1920 and 1939. Their name comes from their original metal stoppers fashioned in the shape of a crown. The crown partially unscrewed to allow the perfume to be dispensed without having to remove the stopper.

Original stoppers are made in two parts. The first part, the crown, (finial) is separate from rest of the stopper. The second part consists of the plate (the flat part that rests on top of the botte opening, the tube(verticle hollow tube that runs through the cork, and the cork (holds the stopper in the neck of the bottle). The crown partially unscrews just enough to allow the perfume to be dispensed. The perfume sprinkles out from four tiny holes that pierce the top of the crown. Rescrewing the crown closes the openings and prevents perfume from leaking out. Replacement crown stoppers are new stoppers cast in one piece from originals. The crown does not unscrew, does not have holes in it and does not dispense perfume. They simply and wonderfully complete the look of the bottle...because what is a crown top bottle without its crown!

There are times when a desirable crown top bottle is for sale, but sadly, it is lacking its original stopper. Most crown top collectors know the rule, "Never pass up a great crown top bottle because the stopper is missing." Over 26 years of perfume bottle collecting I did purchase some crown top bottles without their defining metal stoppers. At the same time, I always took advantage of any opportunity to purchase original stoppers whenever they were available. I kept these "extras" on hand to complete the bottles in my own collection. Now that I have made the decision to liquidate all my collections, including crown top perfume bottles, I no longer need to keep them, so these rare "extras" are now available for sale to collectors.

(1/2inch is equal to 1.2 centimeters)
Small -- the diameter of the plate is approximately less than 1/2"
Medium -- the diameter of the plate is approximately equal to 1/2"
Large -- the diameter of the plate is approximately more than 1/2"

All sizes are priced at $15 each.

The size of the stopper is determined by the diameter of the plate, the part that sits on top of the bottle neck. Measure the overall diameter of the opening from outside edge to outside edge across the opening, including the porcelain on both sides.

These stoppers all have their original corks, and were sized to fit the openings of their original bottles. Therefore, the corks are not all the same size. You may need to file the cork if it is too large or wrap the cork with tape, like masking tape, if it is too loose. Use only an emery board to downsize a cork, never a metal file, knife or razor blade. Whether the cork is filed or wrapped, it should fit snuggly enough to keep the stopper from falling out but should not have to be forced into the neck of the bottle, which could damage it If you have questions about fitting the cork to your bottle, please email Pauline: scentserely@gmail.com.

Buyer pays for actual shipping costs. Insurance is strongly recommended on orders of $50. or more. We are not responsible for uninsured packages.

I'm delighted to make these original, stoppers available to crown top collectors.

Pauline Turco