If you like to collect perfume bottles and/or vanity items, the International Perfume Bottle Association (IPBA) is the organization to join. The IPBA was organized in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1988. What makes membership in the IPBA so much fun is that we all share the same passion. Members willingly share their knowledge and, in the process, new friendships are formed.

We became members of the IPBA in 1995 and founding members of the Lone Star Chapter of the IPBA in 1996. After you join the international organization, you are eligible to join or organize a regional group in your area.

Upon joining the IPBA, you will receive the Perfume Bottle Quarterly -- published exclusively for IPBA members. This beautiful color publication features articles written by members on all types of perfume bottles, perfume-related items, and vanity items.

Here are some of the categories of collecting:

Art Glass;
Atomizers (crystal, glass, porcelain);
Commercials (including Baccarat and Lalique);
Dime Store Novelties;
Factices (giant replica display bottles);
Filigree metals;
German Porcelain crown-tops
(metal stoppers are crown-shaped);
Miniatures (small commercials -- generally
replicas of full-sized bottles);
Perfume Accessories (jewelry and clothing);

Perfume Advertising (ads, store displays);
Perfume Burners;
Perfume Cards (sometimes used for sampling);
Perfume Lamps;
Perfume Solids (solid waxy perfume in bakelite or
metal containers, i.e., Estee Lauder);
Powder boxes, tins, sachets and pomanders;
Scent bottles (18th and 19th Century porcelains,
crystals, lay-downs and fine metals;
Czechoslovakian; Baccarat; Lalique);
Vanity items: Compacts, lipsticks, purses, etc.

The possibilities are almost endless -- you can collect whatever you like.

Once a year there is a convention, show and sale in the U.S. The 2024 event will be the 36th annual convention held by the IPBA. It will be at Gurney's Newport (on Goat Island), Newport, Rhode Island, April 25-28.

Optional host-city tours will be offered the day before the show opens. The show opens on Thursday and closes on Sunday.

The show is set up in a ballroom with aisles of display cases filled with glittering glass, porcelain, and other perfume- and vanity-related treasures -- to buy. The festivities also include --

... Auction -- on line;
... Collectors' Market -- for members to buy and sell -- an event you will not want to miss;
... Luncheon -- with keynote speaker;
... Presentations -- from members on various areas of perfume bottle and vanity item collecting;
... Treasures Found -- panel of experts will identify a mystery treasure.

The IPBA's welcoming program assigns Mentors to new members, and first-time attendees, to answer questions and introduce them to other collectors. New members and first-time attendees will also be invited to attend a special presentation -- "Perfume Bottle Collecting 101" -- an introduction to perfume bottle collecting.

Once you have attended a convention, you won't want to miss this yearly event!

It does not matter what you collect, how many items you have in your collection, how long you have been collecting or what your collection is worth -- you are welcome to join the IPBA. Two people residing at the same address may join for one membership fee.

To request a Membership Application, send an email to Joan at perf37@gmail.com. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions about the IPBA or about perfume bottle collecting in general.