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Lovely court lady half doll. This figure is a reproduction of an original Sitzendorf doll. She was produced in Taiwan for a large doll show back in the 1970's.
Size: 5" Condition: Good. There is a stable surface hairline that runs along her right side (does not go through to the inside -- see pictures).


Powder puff handle half doll. This flapper lady has marcell-waved shiny black hair. A fashionable red comb is tucked into the side of her hair. Blue eyes and rouged cheeks. Cupid's bow mouth. Very nice Carl Schneider half doll head for your collection.
Size: 2 1/8" Condition: Excellent.


The lovely Mrs. Siddons half doll. Who was Mrs. Siddons? She was a great tragic actress in the English theater. (1755-1831). Her portrait was painted by many famous artists including Thomas Gainsborough. This Mrs. Siddons half doll was made by the Goebel factory. She is colorfully dressed in a fuchsia dress and pale green hat with a fuchsia bow and 3 plumes. Stand not included.
Size: 5 1/2" Condition: Excellent.
Reference: The Half Doll, Lorrin, Vol. 6, pg. 60.


Tiny powder puff handle half doll. Little country girl in her red and white bonnet with a red rosette. Red ties and bow secure her hat over her blond hair. Great detail for such a little half doll.
Size: 1 1/2" Condition: Excellent.


Fine English gentleman powder puff handle half doll. He wears a grey top hat and a bright blue scarf. Well painted.
Size: 1 3/8" Condition: Excellent.


Unusual Oriental lady powder pull half doll. This tiny lady is dressed in Oriental gown and painted with Oriental features.
Size: 1 1/2" Condition: Excellent.


Red headed flapper lady half doll. Lime green coat and matching cloche hat. White and blue scarf. She was originally mounted on a hat brush. Very well done Japanese-made doll.
Size: 3" Condition: A mold imperfection on back of hat. One small repaired sliver chip under hat brim.


Tiny country girl half doll. She is holding a red book in her hand. Large country bonnet with red bow. Tiny face has great detail and painting.
Size: 2" Condition: Very good condition. Repaired chip to bow on hat.


Little country girl half doll. She wears a pink dress with a wide white ruffle forming a V at the neckline. Well-painted facial features.
Size: 2" Condition: Excellent.


Court lady half doll. Charming little lady with a closed fan in her hand. Blue laced bodice. Pink ribbon in hair.
Size: 3" Condition: Excellent. No chips, cracks, or hairlines.
Reference: The Half Doll, Lorrin, Vol. 5, pg. 210.


Peasant lady half doll. This large size country lady has a pink shawl and an orange kerchief around her head; long molded necklace of blue beads. Pretty face.
Size: 4 1/4" Condition: Very good. No chips, cracks, or repairs. Only condition issue is uneven painting on kerchief (see pictures). Made by Fasold and Stauch.
Reference: The Half Doll, Lorrin, Vol. 4, pg. 27.


Large court lady half doll. This stunning court lady wears a deep orange bodice with double frilled cuffs. Her hair is dressed in typical 18th century style. Her powdered coiffure is topped with a matching hat adorned with cream flowers and plumes. She holds a bunch of cream flowers.
Size: 5 1/4" Condition: Excellent. No chips, cracks, or hairlines. Made by Fasold and Stauch.
Reference: The Half Doll, Lorrin, Vol. 4, pg. 23.


Beautiful boudoir lamp. The Lady featured on this lamp is a famous ballerina. Born Marie Anne de Cupis de Camargo (1710-1770). She was the rage of the Paris Opera Ballet. The rendition of La Camargo, as she was simply known, was from a painting by Lancret called The Camargo Dancing. Pretty yellow dress, large white ruffled cuffs, a green inset in bodice and rows of decorative flowers. The mold for this lamp is detailed and complex with her arms outstretched, holding material from her dress out to the sides. Gold accents on the white post. Very pretty and very well-done lamp. Made by Schneider.
Size: 6 1/2" Condition: Excellent. The lamp is not wired (see pictures).
Reference: This particular lamp from my collection is pictured in The Half Doll, Lorrin, Vol. 1, pg. 26.


Fabulous, Miss Columbia, half doll. This is a great doll. She has both arms out, flowing hair, jeweled gold coronet. Lovely face. Despite her minor flaws, this is a very desirable and special doll.
Size: 3 5/8" Condition: Tips of index finger and thumb missing on right hand. Tip of little finger on left hand missing. No other chips, cracks, or hairlines.


Beautiful Goebel court lady half doll. At 5 1/2 inches, this substantial doll would be a great addition to your collection. She is wearing a white camisole with "lace trim" impressed in the mold around the top. There is a teal ribbon around her neck. Her powdered grey hair is dressed in an elaborate 18th century court hairdo with waves and curls. She has a lovely face and her hands are well defined and delicate.
Size: 5 1/2" Condition: Near mint. There is a sliver missing on the front of her left middle finger (see pictures).
Reference: The Half Doll, Lorrin, Vol. 6, pg. 60 and pg. 200.


Fashold and Stauch country lady. She is dressed for a day in the countryside. Peach/orange dress with green lacing over white underblouse, white ruffled cuffs, and green bows on sleeves. Matching jaunty hat. Grey court do.
Size: 3 7/8" Condition: There are some surface chips on the brim of her hat (see pictures).
Reference: The Half Doll, Lorrin, Vol. 4, pg. 85.


Little serving girl half doll. Sweet little lady with a huge red bow in her blond hair. White blouse and lilac bodice. She is balancing a tray of colorful goodies on her shoulder. She has a lot of detail for a small doll.
Size: 1 3/4" Condition: Excellent.
Reference: The Half Doll, Lorrin, Vol. 6, pg. 136.


Very desirable bathing beauty full-figure half doll. This young flapper is wearing a yellow bathing costume with lilac bands around the mid-thigh legs. Her beach costume is completed with a lilac cap with streamers and lilac bathing slippers. She is mounted on a crocheted pin cushion in matching colors. Made by Heinz and Company.
Size: 2 3/8" h. Condition: Near mint. She twisted her ankle at the beach and it had to be glued back on. It is virtually impossible to see the repair. Excellent display.
Reference: The Half Doll, Lorrin, Vol. 5, pg. 174.


Court lady half doll. Powder grey court hairdo. She is wearing an orange dress with yellow inset. She is holding a colorful bouquet of flowers to her shoulder. Sweet face. A delightful half doll.
Size: 4 1/4" Condition: She looks mint but she was a victim of the French Revolution and was beheaded at some point. However, her head was reattached with a skillful repair. It is virtually invisible (see pictures). Priced accordingly.
Reference: The Half Doll, Lorrin, Vol. 5, pg. 196.


Hansel half doll clothes brush. The Brothers Grimm were German scholars who were best known for publishing collections of folk tales and fairy tales. They produced several volumes of tales before their deaths in 1859 and 1863. The tale of Hansel and Gretel was included in their works. This is a porcelain (there was a composition half doll as well) full figure half doll of the character, Hansel. He is dressed in green pants, yellow hat and purple jacket. Hansel is incised on the front of the base. He is mounted on a red full-bristled clothes brush. His sister, Gretel, is also for sale (see P279). They make an excellent pair.
Size: 4 1/4" half doll only, 8" overall. Condition: The half doll and brush are in excellent condition.


Rare and very desirable Dressel and Kister double-sided brush handle half doll. She is nearly dentical on both sides. Grey court style striated hair with gold circlet. Her blue dress has gold straps. Lovely detailed painting on face. This is a chance to have a rare doll in your collection.
Size: 2 3/8" Condition: Excellent.
Reference: The Half Doll, Lorrin, Vol. 2, pg. 81.


Elizabethan period half doll. This doll has a spectacular stand-up Elizabethan collar on her yellow court gown. The texture of the starched lace that forms the collar is in the mold, adding a unique feature to this half doll. Her gown has puffed sleeves and a bright blue V inset in front. Her blond hair is in an updo and she has a pretty face.
Size: 4 1/2" Condition: Excellent.


Dapper Dan the Deco Man! This is a wonderful full figured powder puff handle half doll. What a guy, in his checkered pants, and green waist coat. He even has a raspberry top hat and spats! Now you can't beat that for sartorial splendor. A delightful deco half doll to add to your collection. From the Carl Schneider factory.
Size: 3 5/8" Condition: Excellent.

$125. SOLD

Exceptional and rare Herend half doll. There are only four half doll models known to have been produced by the famous Herend Porcelain Company of Hungary. This model is a Hungarian woman dressed in a spectacular ethnic costume. Elaborate white dress with huge puffed sleeves and a red and blue peplum, visible at the back of the waist. A large kerchief, heavily decorated with an elaborate red embroided pattern, is draped over her tall headdress and around her neck. Her face is raised as she proudly wears the traditional costume of her region and exhibits the skill of her handwork in her gorgeous scarf. This half doll is painted with bold and soft muted colors in Herend style. Marked "Hand Painted" with the Herend Company stamp. At 6" high and a huge 5.5" at the widest point, she is massive and impressive. She certainly is a standout and a high quality doll for your collection.
Size: 6" h., 5.5" at widest point. Condition: Excellent.


A most unique and rare half doll. Depictions of old women are very uncommon among half dolls. This magnificent matron drinking tea was made by the porcelain factory of Bruno Schmidt. She is a bisque model. Expertly modeled as an old woman in green dress and orange patterned kerchief. She is holding a cup and saucer in her hands. She has a very detailed face showing a pleasant expression. Perhaps she is pleased with her cup of tea at the end of a long day. A rare and special opportunity to add a better doll to your collection.
Size: 4 1/2" Condition: Excellent. No chips, cracks, or repairs.


County girl half doll. On her way to market with her basket on her arm. Green dress with striped shawl collar. Orange bonnet and wicker basket. A delightful doll. Size: 2 7/8" Condition: Excellent. Reference: The Half Doll, Lorrin, Vol. 6, pg. 135.